About Me

My kids always tell me that they don't know enough about me and my past.  I ask them what they would like to know, I'm and open book, and all I get is....I don't know.  Well when you come up with something you want to know...ask!

I grew up in Ohio, so I am a Buckeye fan and love baseball.  Big Red Machine fan.   Love going and watch Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Pete Rose and the whole team.  I grew up in Fairfield OH.  Actually lived in the same house all my life.  My dad built the house and we moved in a couple days after I was born.

Great place to grow up, with a lot of exploring, camp outs and had many neighborhood friends.  Those days you could stop at and get a icy cold drink of water from one of the neighbors wells and use the same tin cup.  We didn't worry about germs.  I guess that is why my immune system is so good.

I left Fairfield, to serve a mission for my church, yes, I'm LDS.  I served in LA and Ventura for two years.  I finished my mission and stayed the summer at home and I haven't lived at home since.  I moved to Boise ID, started my education at Boise State.  I finally, transfered to BYU 1983 and graduated in 1986 with a BA in Communications, Broadcast Administration.

I worked in radio for 4-5 years in Utah and Salt Lake Counties and then moved back east to Philadelpia to start a new job and adventure.  Got married and bought a home in South Jersey and raised our 4 children there.  most of my career was in the pringing industry.  Almost 25 years.  Loved it.  It was sad to see the changes, but needed.  From printing to online publishing.

Started this podcast to help understand the generation gap a little better.  My youngest son and I didn't quite see eye to eye on things which caused some termoil.  I thought that putting this podcast together and Changing Perceptions would help me communicate with him better and try to understand him and his generation.  It's working .

I hope you listen and enjoy the podcast!!!