Always Dangerous on the Roads

Always Dangerous on the Roads

Getting off the Spanish Fork exit, and ran into this as the road curved to the left.  Either he was going too fast or his load wasn't distributed right.  Results are the same.

I was on my way home going through the pass and there was this flatbed truck pulling a 16' enclosed trailor. I was in the passing lane getting ready to pass and noticed him starting to encroach into my lane.  I slowed down a little to watch he was doing and noticed that the truck was staying in his lane but the trailor was shifting.  Then all of sudden, the trailor kept moving into my lane and broke away from the flat bad.  I think he was about a 1/2 a car length in front of me as the trailor crossed in front of me, sparkes and debrie started flying.  The trailor continued on into the on coming lane.  luckily no other automobiles were coming the opposite direction and the trailor ended slamming into a snow drift and ripped itself apart.

The funny thing is, the driver of the truck finally realized they lost the trailor and finally pulled over.

Lesson for the day, check you hitch before driving off.  Check your safety chains to make sure they are properly attached.  And last but not least thank God each evening for protection.  You just don't know what is going to be thrown in front of you at any time.

Be safe out there!!!!!