Appropriate or Inappropriate

It appears to me that these two words have been inchanged severely.  It's kinda like good is bad and bad is good.  facts have been replaced with feelings, the latter being the new fact.

What used to be appropriate, like working hard, being proud of effort, spiritual guidence, faith and religious observence, honesty, understanding gender being a little boy and girl, man and women, lothing sin, viewing mankind as a whole and important, learning from history, family unit and on and on and on.

All this has been replaced with the Inappropiate.  Hard work is now white supremecy, effort and being proud of accomplishments is white privialage.  Spirituality, faith and religious observence has been forcefully taken from us by unbelievers and the secular.  Honesty is replaced with daily with candid lies and deception for a narritive and headlines. Our true identities and gender have been replaced with fluidity, confusing and conflicting pronouns which only promote more confusion.  We have become lovers of sin and now look at mankind through the lense of skin color.  We have replaced true history with theories of hate for country.  Families are breaking up, divorce rates continue to climb.  Me Too, movements and self, self self and so on and so on.

My concern is why have we changed so much. Why allow what was once appropriate to become inappropriate?  

I looked up the definition of appropriate to get more clarity.  And found this.

"Suitable or proper in the circumstances"

Have circumstances really changed that much?  I kinda liked the circumstances of the past. All the above "appropriate were clear and understandable to me.  I like things simple, factual and constructive.  As we move to more to the "inappropriate", i guess the circumstances have changed.   Question is why?  Why has life become so disposable today, why is it that gender is now fluid instead of scientifically and biological factual?  Why change history and replace it with fake theories. Aren't we supposed to learn the lessons of history, so they don't repeat.  Why change the narrative?  What's the good in being taught that we are bad and will always be bad?  Does it make any sense to revert back to segragation and hate filled racism?  

Schools and universities are literally setting up "safe" spaces, having separate graduations based on color.  Isn't that idea reverting instead of showing progress? Families and marriage were once something most everyone looked forward too and charished.  Raising kids was always thought of as something good.  It was a goal for good.  Why are people deciding to kill their little boys and girls, their offspring and think this is a good thing or a personal choice.

The more our government stayed out of my life and decisions I made, the better?

I really think it boils down to this, when you don't teach good, true principles, how are people supposed to govern themselves correctly.  We have become a society with no foundation of principles.  I watch as people are being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine that becomes prominent and normal.  The secular has overrun the spiritual.  The secular permiates every aspect of life, social media, educational institutions, corporations and our government to the point where we deny factual science and are forced to comply. Our voices and speach are looked upon as endangering.

I like appropriate behavior, it makes since and feel we need to return to what is appropriate.