Can Easter Save Us?

Can the message of Easter change things in this country for the better? Joseph Smith once noted that "when we join the church we all stood on neutral ground. when the gospel was preached good and evil were set before us.  We can choose either or neither.  there are two opposite masters inviting you to serve them.  when you decided to join you inlisted to serve God.  When you did this, you left the neutral side and you can never go back."

We as a nation are trying with all we have to stay in this neutral ground, but we can't.  We can't because the country, this nation was founded on the belief in God.  the nation chose a side and we decided we wanted to God as our Master.

Now, today it seems, that we want to and are trying so hard to move back to the neutral position and as Joseph pointed out, you can't.  there are those pushing the ideas of the other master  and are successful in quieting those who should be standing for the Master this great country chose over 200 years ago.

the statistics are in and more and more people, are trying to shift back to  this neutral ground and pronouncing that they are spiritual but not religious.  You really can't go back.  This nation was built on religious tenants.  Religious affiliation, and for the first time in our history, Religous affilation has dropped below 50% which is a trend that we have seen happening for years.  

We are now seeing the affects of this shift in our society and culture.  It's in our  politics, corporations, media, entertain and schools.  the attempt to serve the other Master will not work, because you cannot go back.  This is a very dangerous direction.

How can Easter save us.  It can safe us be collectively recognizing the role the true Master plays in this great nation.  We need strong leaders that understands the mistake of neutrality and move us out of this lane back to the Master we chose centuries ago.  He is the only way!

We have to elect individuls who support and fight for this change.  We need to retire those who fail to see that neutrality is not an option.  You cannot serve the Master and mammon.