Christmas isn't going to be the "norm" unfortunately!!!!

Christmas isn't going to be the "norm" unfortunately!!!!

Little Susey and Johnny are going to be very disappointed this year for Christmas.  If you looking at buying a new auto for your wife with the big red bow, good luck.

Have you driven past a car dealership lately?  I have.  Actually, I deliver to several and each yard is, roughly 75% empty.  No cars!  I ask why they have no cars and without fail, COVID is mentioned.  Parts to fix cars can't be found.

Can you imagine when you go to get your kids and family the IPhone, Nintendo, Clothes,  Games and the stores are barren because stores just cant get enough to keep on the shelves or on the internet.  

Have you seen the pictures of all the cargo ships off the coast of California and the miles of containers, literally waiting to be off loades.  Others are on docks just sitting.  

This is not going to be one of the best seasons in a long while.  All the results of poor planning and extending this pandemic crisis too long.  We have now disrupted the supply chain so much that we are going to feel the fall out for some time.  No wander Fauci is talking about not getting together for Christmas in October.

We are a wealthy country because we make things, we produce products and services.   Not because we indiviually have money.  If the country isn't producing anything so goes our wealth.  Have you heard of the economica term, Say's Law. Basically, it says the supply creates its own demand.  Our wealth in the country comes by our ability to produce things.

Look what has happened we have taken people out of the workforce, payed them for not working, $$$$$ given freely and companies have not been able to produce because they dont have the employees to do so.  Services are interrupted, production is halted.  Now we have mandates, pushed by the administration and putting preasure on corporations to forece people to get vaccines.  People are fighting back.  Recent example is Southwest Airlines. 1800 flights canceled, why because they can't get pilots to fly.  Taking time off, not taking incentives to take extra flights, why because they are pissed about the mandates.

Now multiply this with other corporation do the same.  common sence would tell you that the same thing will happen.  And the result, no production.  

A sad season for sure!