Disney Rating System...G rating?

Disney Rating System...G rating?

It seems fair to me that if Disney wants to die on this hill, over the Florida Parents Rights Bill, that perhaps since they support the sexualization of minors and children that their movies and programing should have some sort of warning of adult material at the opening much like we see ratings at movie theatres.

The film industry, as you know, rates programming  based on content.  G, PG, PG-13 and R.  These ratings are shown before each play of the movie.  Since Disney feels that these adult subjects are important for children to learn at very young ages, their programs and movies should have a warning of adult sexual content.  It seems fair, doesn't it.

When we discovered that smoking was hazzardous to ones health and caused lung cancer, the Surgeon Genteral placed a warning on the labels of every pack of cigarettes.  Are we not in the same position with teaching little ones very adult content. Content that is dangerous and harmful to small children who do not have the cognitive ability to understand.  Content that is starting to show it's ugly head in our youth with escelated, feelings of unhappines, depression and increased suicides.  Can they really skirt the issue that since this proliferation on LGBTQ+ content has been so previlent and taught in society, that we are seeing these increases that they can't see the connection?  They actually blame it on kids NOT being able to express themselves and their queer tendencies?

Perhaps a warning should be demanded before showing these "queer" concepts in cartoons and childrens programing is needed.  This will allow parents to know that their is adult content that their children are about to watch.  Just like the motion picture rating system allows parents to monitor movies that may not be appropriate for certain age groups.  

You have to agree, its adult content!!!!!

the movies rating system was put into place, " to provide parents with advance information about the content of a movie to help them determine what movies are appropriete for their children at any age"

Since Disney wants to embed trans, bi, gay, queer, transexual, adult content, diguising it in cartoon to young children, parents have the right to know what is being presented in their movies and make appropriate decisions for their children at any age.

Sounds fair to me since we have the system in place already!!! Why not use it.

Disney, say goodbye to your G rating!!!!