Don or Joe? Who's running our Country. KAOS seems to be prevailing

Don or Joe?  Who's running our Country. KAOS seems to be prevailing

If you listened to George Stephanopoulos' interview with the President you were left with the clear picture that he had no other plan but chaos.  He said.  there was no way to avoid it.  Even when George led the president through the interview like putting a collar on a dog and pulling him along to where he wanted him to go, the president still had no other thing to say, but this was going to be a mess from the beginning.

Now if you were me, you would think, since when does our military leaders do anything that would show such lack of  organization, planning and complete control of any mission?  This is not in their job description nor make up.  It's not the way we do things.  Only when we have a president wanting so badly to score a polical win with  a promise of getting out of Afghanistan, do we have loss of control and chaos.  

That chaos created a vaccume that allowed this attack and bombing that killed 13 servicemen and 170 Afgan friendlies.  The buck stops right at your desk Joe...stop blaming Trump.  Obama and Trump both wanted to get out but also realized the complexity of achieving this move.  Trump, himself said, he originally thought it was a good idea to get out, but then rethought that it would create a vaccum and environment that wouldn't benefit the USA.  Joe you are the president, you have spent that last 8 months reversing every Trump administration move.  You make the decisions, Trump isnt president and any deal he made could have been changed and overwritten.  You chose chaos.

Joe wanted a polical win, period and against advice he moved foward with little to no plan of accomplishing the pull out.  As a result lives were lost, American lives were taken.

The fall out of this move will be felt for years to come and will always be directly a result of your vanity and ego.  Shame on you president, the blood of Americans is on you hands.