Please Remember, Don't Forget!

Please Remember, Don't Forget!

You know what the Democrats are betting on more than anything this coming Nov elections?  That we as citizens are stupid and that we will forget all the shannagins and bad decisions that have taken place since the dope of a president and his adminstration took office.  I'm betting on that we are not.  Just in case, I thought I would remind you, so when you go the booth youre mind will be crystal clear.  Don't let anything or anyone convince you otherwise.

DON'T FORGET:  How this man lied about the previous president and accused him of killing Americans because of COVID.  Most dispictable thing that i think I have ever heard coming out of the mouth of a wanna be president.

DON'T FORGET: How he and the Democratic Party lied to all of us about Russion collusion.  It's fact now that they made all this marlarky up. They wasted tax dollars to try to build a false case against a sitting president.

DON'T FORGET: That these liars, made up the whole story of Ukrain, to find out that they are the ones that need to be invested about sketchy deals with family members of this corrupt family that Bidens.  FACT now.

DON'T FORGET: That Democrats tryied to impeach Trump two time only to fail bacause their story was based on pure lies and decpetion

DON'T FORGET: That it was Trump who worked on the vaccine, cut red tape and delivered on his promise before he left office only to turn it over to the man who completely fucked up the role out and message that should have been so easy.

DON'T FOGET:  How many small businesses have been lost forever 10's of thousands who lost life savings and decades only to be shut down because of a virues with less than a .05 % death rate.

DON'T FORGET: How they locked us up, closed down an economy that was roaring, closed schools, closed businesses, just to control us.  

DON'T FORGET:  Mandates, illegal by the way, unconstitutional, they knew but tried anyway.

DON'T FORGET:   The nurses, doctors employess who lost their jobs simply because they wanted to make their own choices about their own health.

DON'T FORGET:   The lies about masks and the vaccine.

DON'T FORGET:  They NEA fought to keep our kids out of schools when they knew that children carreied the minimal risk in spreading and real statistics showed that they are not a risk to teachers.

DON'T FORGET:  Our schools, adminstrators, teachers stole 2 damn years of your kids lives because of a virus that had a .05% death rate.  

DON'T FORGET:  How these teachers and adminstators and school boards have spent the last two years, teaching our children to hate each other because of the color of their skin, pushed CRT and lied about it.  Who think that you as a parent of the right to know what YOUR children are being taught in school and that you as they PARENT have to earn the right to know and discuss the gender of YOUR child.  Teaching your kids to masterbate, school trips to Gay and Queer bars and resturants.  Sexualizing kids as young as 6.  thinking its vital to their growth to have a teacher feel a need to share sexual morays  and experinces sighting they have the right to do so and it's imortant for kids to be introduced to their personal life.

DON'T FORGET: Afgahnastan, 13 solders deaths and thousands of innocent people left behind to be sold into slavery, raped and murdered, simply because of no plan and jonesing for a popular headline in the news. Drone strikes that killed innocent children.

DON'T FORGET:  The peace and safety we enjoyed under the previous adminstration here and home and abroad.  Do you feel safer today?  don't forget how you feel.

DON'T FORGET:  How the world leaders look at American and our president as weak and feable.   Our alies have doudts about our resolve as a country to support them.  

DON'T FORGET: Gas prices are at an all time high, inflaction is at at 40 year high with no plan to fix it except blame that other guy.  Obama tried this and didn't work out well for him.

DON'T FORGET: The goal of this administation is to usher in a New World Order, the Great Reset.  This should scare the shit out of you.

DON'T FORGET:  How your freedoms of speech and thought have been stripped away from you under this adminstration.

DON'T FORGET:  Defund Police and the rising crime in our cities due to this poor policy which this president supported and Democrates across the country supported.  don't forget the crime and rioting and public destruction of private and federal properties, all supported by this adminstration and the left.

DON'T FORGET:   Who is really running things, Media Matters and far left radical ideologist, like George Sorros.

DON'T EVER FORGET:  That these people hate American and Hate Americans

DON'T FORGET: That this president isn't the man of unity and build back better.  He is the exemplar of division, hate and lies.

Please DON'T FORGET, when you vote this Nov. Take all of this and don't forget one thing they have done to you to me and to our children.  Because if you vote these haters and help them keep their seats in November.  This is all because Joe Biden is a poor leader and never under estimate his abililty to Fuck things up.

DON'T FOGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!