Harvard Police Station Closed: For Policing! Go figure.

Harvard Police Station Closed: For Policing!  Go figure.

It's a mad, mad, mad world we live in.  You know when I was young, seeing the police car drice by I always felt a since of security because they were in the neighborhood, watching out for me.

Now days at Harvard,students feel like the police are "watching and policing" them so the super intelegent people at this prestigious school answers by closing the police station, because it's not a "pleasant feeling".  Isn't that whart police are supposed to do? If the police aren't watching who will?  Let me tell you who, rapist, thugs, thieves, drug dealers, murders and people who just want to do harm.  Apparently, these folks who pay of $90,000 per year to go to school, would rather have criminals lirking rather than police.

It won't be long until we see articles of the rise in crime as a result of ths policy. I don't get it, really, you fight crime with a strong hand, by enforcing laws.  Who is going to enforce thsese lawas now?

Just like the rest of the country and the loud voices and defund the police crazies, theyll be a price to pay and it will be much more that $92,000 annully.  Apparenlty these students want to pay the price of a ticket to watch their school fall.

Good luck with that!