Is there going to be a Trump 2024? Signs are shifting

Republicans shrug off Trump ’24 bid: ‘The excitement’s just not there’ — POLITICO
The former president is not bending the GOP to his will like he used to.

Trumps glamor isn't what it used to be.  Listen, I voted for him two times because I liked his policies and had the feeling that he was about me and the country.  Everys since the 2020 election it seems as though he can't get over the loss.  This time around all eyes are on whether he's concerned with me and you, or about justifidcation of 2020.  

As I listen to him, his rhetoric seems to be the later.  In a way, Trump can't seem to get past his own ego and settle on what he actually did for American.  He's carrying alot of heavy baggage, with no help from his opponents who have hurled everything but the perverbial kitchen sink at him.  I know polls are showing massive support campared to potential runners, but as I listen and read more, his support seems to be waining from important Republicans.  To me, it's time for fresh blood, we gained back the House, screwed the pooch on the Senate, can we at least agree that a new outlook is needed?

I think so.  I guess we'll see.  Personally, a hare battle in the primaries isn't a good look for Republicans esspecially if the Demcratic party seems to changin guards and bringing in new younger blood and outsting the old guard.

2024 is about change, but the right type of change.  The message better change and change quickly or we may see another 4 years of Democratic rule which none of us really needs.