Is there something larger going on?

I have to think that with all of the craziness going on, that there has to be a larger picture or purpose than just transgenerism, climate change and wokeness.  the more i witness the more Im convinced  taht these are just distraction for a real purpose.  I get the climate topic, it's debatable, and to a point I believe that we should do e what's in our power to try to correct what could happen in the future.  The debate is the degree.

This whole trans ideology is so fucked up that I find the diaolog so completely unreasonable, and undebatable.  It defies biology but more importantly, plain common Sense.  It leads me to ponder, is there something  of much more importance that all these destractions are covering up.  The media, Corporations, heck our administration are all coordinating these false narratives for a purpose.  All this to keep us off kilter.

The more I watch and listen and see where the focus is, confirms to me that we need to look behind or past the distractions to get to the bottom of what is the real fight.  the stats are in, the truth is showing in the data, we are becoming an unholy people.  To quote J.K. Chesterton, "When men choose to stop believing in God, they do not therefore believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything" even boys can girls and girls can be boys.

If you take away this truth, that God exists, we are his children with a purpose to life, where are we to stand?  To whom to do we look for guidence?

I look at the data, read he polls, listen to to the commentary and common sense keeps me open to what the truth is. I know this to my very center of my soul, that if we loose our essence, the very truth of who we are, we are done.  My faith, tells me that this will never happen, but we can get very close to complete loss if we don't change things.  this isn't really about who wins the next elections, its more of personal change in the individual hearts of people.