Leaks, Leaks and Leaks

Leaks, Leaks and Leaks

To this day, not one Democrat has denounced the terrible leak of the 1st draft from Justic Alito which reversed Roe v. Wade.  No surprise that they only concentrate on the ruling itself.  This leaks is so dangerous fro many reasons.  It's an egregous act that only a breach of trust for the Court itself, but also it puts each justice in physical danger, them and their families.  All it takes is one zealot is all it takes.

It's very telling that no Dem has denounced this.  they hate the court and don't respect it at all.  Elizabeth Warren said that Republicans have been working for decades to reverse the ruling.  Well, of course they have.  That's what you do when a ruling is incorrect.  The original ruling stripped the rights of the states to govern the laws of abortion and placed it with the federal government.  In no way was the ruling intended to change the Constitution.  Abortion is not a constitutional right.  the 14th Amendment and they attached it to the privacy act.

This new ruling takes the precident ruling and gives the rights back to the states, where voters can decide through election.  

I hope that the make finding out who leaded the ruling quickly a priority.  It shouldn't be that difficult and hold all accountable.  These are very dangerous times.  The left continues to label Republicans and conservatives as radical extremist, however all evidence shows what party holds that distinction.

Should the court go ahead and release the formal decision?  I don't think so.  They can't allow this person or group make these kinds of demands and influence the process.  I know this is an attempt to influence the decision.  I really think it will cement the decision farther.