Never Give Up!

I have been playing games of pool with my Dad for serveral years.    He's is sooooo good.  this weekend, he was bachin it while Kristin was out of town, so I went up for a visit for a long weekend.  We played about 4 games while there.  He absolutely killed me on the first game. I have been learning from him and he is very open to advice.

Well, this weekend I finally was able to beat him.  Actually, I go 2 games out of 4 from him.  First game, he didn't shoot well,  and I was able to capitalize.  The second game he played well, and I played even better and was able to pull another win.  It reminded me when I was playing my father in tennis and ping pong.  My father was not the type to throw a game.  I always had to earn every point.  He wanted me to beat him on my merits.  I played and played until i finally was able to beat him.

There is definetly, something to be said about never giving up.  My son, calls me a "try hard". I always wanted them to beat me on merit.

First Win