Nothing Wrong with the Past!

Nothing Wrong with the Past!

You know, when I see pictures like this it reminds me a simpler times.  Simpler times were good in my opinion.  Today, there is so much going on and is so much more complicated than when I was a kid.  My day was pretting laid back.  We were allowed to be children, the only thing you had to worry about was going to school, playing and listening to your mom and dad.   You went to school and just like the picture above, the national anthem would play and you would recite the pledge.  You then would get right into your day of learning.  

You would have a couple of recess breaks to burn off energy from sitting in class.  It was simple, nice and you know what, i turned out OK, at least that's what my mom says.

I really feel anxious, not for myself of course, my kids are all grown.  I feel anxious for my grandkids and what my kids have to deal with now a days.  kids lives have turned too complicated, to early in life.  

You would think that educators would understand this. But they are so wrapped up in this brainwashing, and grooming that they have forgetten what their discriptions are.

I watched a video of a male teacher who was complaining about the new parents rights bill that was just passed in Florida.  Huge push back from the left on this.  They have dubbed it the "don't say gay bill".  Kind of ironic that no where in the bill does in use the word gay.  Anyway, the teacher decided to go on and make a video about how is he going to teach, "his children"?  When the kids ask him what he did over the weekend, he thinks that he needs to go into, his partners lives, being gay and always pushing his life style.

Read the bill, the normal person, if asked this question, would answer something like, I went paddle boarding.  then the student would say cool and go play.  For some reason this guy feels the need to go into every aspect of his sexual life.  

First thing, these students are NOT your children.  Lets get that straight here and now.  They are students, that are on loan to you from parents who created them.  They are not your children to do whatever you want to do with them.  You're confused.  You are a teacher, teach my 1st grader to read, write and do some math go God sake.  These kids cannot capture the critical idea of gay and trans lifestyles, nor do they care and shouldn't. Your grooming them, and we would like you to stop and this bill prohibits you from doing so.  Now you will have to actually teach instead of being an activists.  

Secondly, It seems to me that these progressives are not really happy with their lives, unless they are pushing it on the rest of us.  Here's my thought, if you not happy, seek help, contact a therapist and discuss why you have a need to be validated by a 6 year old.

Please stop this madness and leave these kids a lone during this very fulneralble time in their lives.