Self Governing

Self Governing

Today, I attended church as normal.  The chapel was really full, so i sat out in the overflow area.  Kind of nice, the seats were nice and soft.  While I was sitting there, some parents broght their kids out who were restless.  Cute little ones. One tottler and a little girl about 11 months.  Got that fron her daddy.

The little girl was just learning how to walk and was doing really well.  She wanted to get back to the chapel.  Every time her dad would try to redirect her she would make a beline to chapel door.  You could also tell, she had just learned to clap her hands.  So cool seeing the little ones learning.  

The other little guy, the tottler was another lesson.  His mother was coming back from the restroom and this little guy was following.  He was being nice a reverent and his arms folded.  I thought how cool that was for this little dude was practicing some good principles his parents were teaching.  I know this because right in front of him his mother was walking with her arms folded in reverence.

It made me think of the statement that Joseph Smith once made when he was asked how he gets people to follow him.  He said this to the reporter..."I teach correct principles, and let people govern themselves."

If we teach our kids early, chances are they will figure it out that the principles are good for them.  As such, perhaps when they have choices to make it will influence their decisions and govern themselves better.

This is why I am so concerned with what is being taught in our schools at very young ages.  These kids are monkey see, monkey do and they look up to adults.  What is being taught, looking at each of our differences, color of skin, our country is bad will only effect them in a negative way.  They will govern themselves differently because of what they are taught.  There are no guarantees in life.  Kids stray all the time from what they are taught.  But percentages are in the favor of kids who are taught true principles.  They become good citizens, civic minded and morally compassed.

What do you want for your kids?