Sustainable? I don't think so!

Sustainable?  I don't think so!

I pass by these 9 windmills everyday on my way to Price UT.  About 50% of the time they are sitting as still as a kindergardener who just got in trouble and is sitting in the corner of the class room.  When they aren't spinning, guess what you ain't making power. How would you like to have power in your home only 50% of the time?  I know many of you will say, "well you know that you can store the energy into a cell for future use".  But how long will that battery last running everything in your home.  Remember your running lights, heaters, AC, appliances and so on and so on.  

Listen I am all about saving energy, doing kind things to our environment, managing our resourses carefully.  However, this pie in the sky, Unicorn tear-drops view of energy production and sustainability is just not here and it won't be a viable option for many years to come.  Even wind and solar are more expensive to produce than our current fossil fuel dependence.  We have spent decades perfecting and reducing emission of coal and oil and lead the world in doing so.  This is affordable, sustainable energy.

Perhaps some day when unicorn tears are readily available  when can make a shift.  Not in my life time that is for sure.  I believe our Maker gave us these abundant resourse to use, not to abuse, but to use for the welfare of the human race.  Until wind and solar are sustainable, where energy is abundent and sustained, bring on the coal and oil baby and all of the products that are dirived from it that wind and solar will never, ever be able to produce.

I kind of like heat in the winter and my AC running in the summer.  Don't you?