"The Science" or Science?

Ever get the feeling that the science the government refers to all the time, contridicts science?  I mean I hear the president say we follow "the" science, Dr. Fauci says he's science, but then science seems to vary from what we are being told.  I know there are variences that occur in science all the time.  We have different strains of viruses that we are constantly making adjustments for.

But from the beginning mixed messages seem to be coming out of the administration, the CDC and the FDA.  Which should be all science.  Why does one science tell us that that we need to quarnteen ourselves. close down an economy, and basically stop living a normal life for a virus that has a 99.957% servival pertentage.  Why are we told to wear masks when science contridicts the use of mask, saying they are ineffective, almost useless.  Much like the  New England Medical Journal study that said that masks just don't work.  Most people will not use them properly, use the wrong type of masks, which we have seen all over.  I'm guilty of the "bank robber" look, believing that my scarf, bandana, blue masks stop the virus from spreading when in reality, sciences says otherwise.

We are told once we get the vaccine that we can go back to normal living.  Now.  even though you get the vaccine, you still need to mask, stay quaranteened.  I understand variences, but according to science we are seeing that D is spreading but less lethal.  It seems to me that if we would have just allowed for herd immunity and let the virus run its course, yes, people will die, which is inevitable with viruses.  Yes, we should work to solve the issue with vaccines which the US and the world countries have worked hard to move heaven and earth to achieve, but why create this whole science narrative that is turning out to anti-science.  what's the purpose in all this.

I'm getting to the point where I am viewing this whole pandemic through a different set of eyes.  Not that I'm a consperacy theorist at all, I believe we went to the moon and the world is actually round, but all this, just doesn't make any since to me and I like things to make since.

Could it be a group of elites trying, say a new experiment on how far people will be pushed and controlled.  I mean we have been stuck in our homes, scared to death about this virus and pandenmic, for what? For a virus that kills less than a 0.05 $ of the worlds population ? You will never beat it, wipe it out, it will always be with us.  It will continue to take lives of the vunerable, just as the flu and phnemonia does each year.  

protect the vunerable, and lets get on with our lives.  We are wanting to make since of our lives again, work, play, educate ourselves, love, communicate, create and on and on.  It's the only way"!