Tired of Stupid People

Tired of Stupid People

Lebron James has to enter the ring with anther foot-in-mouth comment about the Rittenhouse trial.    Kyle was on the stand, testifying which was really strange to have the defense put him there knowing how the trial was going in their favor.  Anyway, he was recounting  the events of the night, very detailed of each shooting. As you would gather, he began to be emotional, tried to get his composure, continued and then broke down.  you could tell that it was very emotional recounting the events.

This kid is 18 years old and on trial for his life.  then enters the asshole Lebron with him trying to be witty saying and i quote "What tears??????  I didn't see one.  Man knock it off!  That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court"

comng from a little wimp getting a charlie horse the other game.  Having to be carried of the court. Such a wussy as my mom would say.  Can you imagine what he would be like if his life and freedom was on the line under these circumstances.]

I agree with Candace Owens about James.  Just shut your mouth because you don't know  what your talking about.  Just play basket ball.  No one cares what you think Lebron. No one!  Just shut up.

then the media has to pile on.  Such a joke!  

Kyle, hang in there buddy!!!