Truth, Tired of the lies!

Truth, Tired of the lies!

I didn't watch the last State of the Union address because I already knew what was going to be said, and I just can't take the lies any more.  I not a fool, I understand that almost every administration has lied in the past, certain things are policital, promised are made during a campaign that are never meant to be accomplished or kept.  I get it.  What i don't get and accept is the blantant lies and desption that is currently on display with this adminstration.

The VP made a GAFFE the other day, which was probably the most truthful  statement that I have heard come from this presidency.  She said that elections have consequences and you have gotten what you voted for.  Man, nothing truer could be said.

Everything that is happening today is a direct result of decisions and policies of this president.  Nothing was thrusted on Biden.  He has created the very present by his poor judgement, terible polocies and listening to those who he shouldn't be listening too..

High gas prices, border emergency, over 2 million illigals have entered our country. worst disaster in modern history at the border. Inflation at a 40 year high and rising,  a failing domestic energy policy focusing on destroying natural gas and oil.  Where we once were energy indepent, now subject to foreign enities.  We have failed foreign policy, which started with Afgahnastan withdrawal, lost of lives of Americans and allies, which set the stage for the current Russia and Unkrain war.  The forgeign leaders smell weakess are are going to use it against us and we are going to pay a price that will be greater than high gas prices.

Domestically he has failed miseribly, given a vaccine and a implimentation of it and yet still screwed the pooch.  Have lost 10's of thousands of small business jobs that will most likely never return.  Have completely and artificially killed the most prolific economy in modern times and has succeeded in scaring the crap out of every American citizen, with talks of death, separation, and an ongoing emergency that ended the day the vaccine became aviable.  All for a death rate well under  1 percent.

The State of the Union is awful and I couldn't bring myself to liste to this man talk about how he has fixed everything and his leadership has brought the world together.

Lies and more lies.  I can't take it any more and I hope people remember this last 2 years when the vote this coming November.  Don't let the shift the adminstration is trying to sell, distract you.  Dont forget the lost lives, lost jobs, lost businesses and the feeling of fear on a forgein stage that we haven't had over the last 4 years.

Don't underestimate Joe's ability tio F... thing up!  No truer words to be uttered.