What Happens When the Windmills Aren't Turning?

What Happens When the Windmills Aren't Turning?

Each day as I drive to Price i pass these windmills that are set up at the mouth of the canyon.  I would say that at least 60% of the time they are not turning.  Not enough wind.  So how in the world are you supposed to rely on these monstrosities when their is no wind.  Same thing  with solar, if you have a couple of weeks of cloudy overcast, no energy is being produced.  I know this to be true because I used to have solar panels on my home,36 of them to be exact.  I  monitored each day the amount of Gigahurts they were producing.

Now , I do understand that the energy is stored somewhere for a rainy day, literally.  but what about prolonged weather, no wind and what is the energy use.  I'm all for advancement, hell I love Tesla's.  I love the idea of cleaner cars and air.  But at what cost? That has been my whole issue with this pandemic.  with a 99.7% survival rate, is closing down the economy, businesses, schools and completely  obliterating the way we used to live our lives, worth it.  To me, the answer is NO.  

Pres. Biden cancelling the Keystone pipeline was, to me, just an act sheer retribution to the Trump adminstration.  It made no since to do it.  The work was being done, wages for working familes were happening and now with one stroke of a angry pen, 11,000 good paying jobs are lost, lives disrupted, for what?  So you can say you're an environmentalist?  So, you can say, Bad Trump, see what I can do to undo all the good you did.

I am really concerned.  I want our president to succeed.  I really do. but he hasn't shown much hope yet.  I'm scared.  Things were good with Trump.  It's undeniable, The country was moving in a good direction, more people working, no wars,  energy independent, I felt safer, from other countries that posed a threat to us.  Our air was cleaner, all without the Paris agreement.  USA was a leader once again.  Why can't people see the good, over look the personal flaws which all leaders have and just look at the progress and say, good for you, good for Ameria.  Do we really have to dismantle everything like I have heard Congress and the Pres, remark on?.

Would Biden be president if there were no pandemic?   I really think if you give this question serious thought, your answer would come back, no.  So what does that say about the state of things.  People voted on an issue that was thrown in our faces.  

we are much better than this, so much better.  Change has to happen.  Good people have to stand up for principled people. We can't and won't survice with principles guiding us.