What will it take for you to be Pissed

What will it take for you to be Pissed

In 9 months our wonderful Pres. Biden has really turned the world on its heals, and back.  Literally.  Let's review....A COVID messaging problem and lies that are still effecting millions of Americans. Taking credit for a vaccine that he didn't have any say in. Messaging that he is purposefully, pitting vaccinated against unvaccinated. That's Americans against Americans.   Mandating vaccines and pitting Corporations against working Americans and their right to do what they want with their personal health, threatening losing their jobs.  A complete and utter debacle of Afghanistan which resulted in the deaths of 13 soldiers and 170 civilians.  All to get a damned headline in the news.  

A drone strike that killed 10 Afghan civillians including 7 children and trying to cover it up.  Gas prices, inflation and our personal freedoms being stripped from us little by little.  Let us not forget the crown jewel, our wonderful crisis at the border which continues to escalate with no plan in site.  A complete cluster F.  An educational system that is failing our children, turning them into activist rather than preparing them for their future and contributing to sociaty.  An educational system that teaches masterbation, sex,  hate of country, hate of your fellow citizens because of difference, like skin color.

This president is losing patience with us, really!  Who does this guy think he is?  we are getting pissed by the minute by your lack of doing your job correctly. It's not your job to be our father.  We don't want a father.  We don't want the government meddling in our personal business. Those who are running you and making decisions is an enemy of our great nation.

How much more do we as Americans plan to accept before we get pissed enough to tell this dude to shove it.  This is not OK! When are we going to stand and have a voice.  There is nothing wrong with voicing your opnion.  Nikki Minaj, don't really like her, per se, but she has a point,  no one should tell anyone that they can't agree with someone just because of political point of view and woke socail justice.  

We have to have unity.  This man his group don't want unity they want compliance.  Unity to them means agreeing with them or else.

Get pissed America... please fight back against the AssJacks.