What's with Yoga on Facebook? Porn?

You know I always kind of respected folks that were into Yoga.  The concentration and commitment to it is pretty astounding to me.  It's hard and a discipline that takes years to master.  I've tried, but not hard enough.

Then here's what comes along on our wonderful social media platforms.  Amazing how certian people can take a once hard discipline and turn it into porn.  Have you seen the latest Reels or Pop Up videos that just, show up.  All these attractive young ladies in the short short yoga pants, I mean extremely revealing and the camera is strategically places between their legs or a close up on the the womens... cooche.  like I said leave it to people to completely destroy something that has value and turn it into discusting voyeurism.

There is nothing sacred in this world today. Anything and everying is up for sale and or minimized  or the value is completely eradicated.  You know that way you can fight back is what I did...deleted it and then let the platforms know why you did.  Seems to work, not getting videos of "yoga stretching" any more.  Perhaps, I doubt, but hopeful that those who have mastered yoga actually complianed.

Good luck!